Billy the answer ead

Billy the Answer Head is the game board for seasons 1-4 of Figure It Out. On Billy the Answer Head are a set of rectangular positions which represent words in the contestant's secret. When a game starts, the words were concealed with blanks minus simple words. Whenever a word is said, the appropriate position turns over to show the word just said (including forms of the word). When the game is over, Billy was risen to the studio ceiling.

In the first season, he was a purple head with moving eyes, and a pink brain with 6 spaces, a black divider can run through the middle of one space to add another word.

In Season 2, Billy was "upgraded" from 6 spaces to 7 spaces.

For Season 3 (Figure It Out Family Style) a character called "Little Billy" was made; Little Billy is a miniature version of Big Billy, but with hair and on wheels.

In Season 4 (Figure It Out Wild Style), the big regular Billy was changed into shapes of various animals. Those animals include Billy the A-a-a-answer Goat, Billy the Stampeding-Answer Buffalo, Billy the Big Ol' Answer Bird, Billy the Answer Pig, etc.

In Season 5 (Figure It Out, 2012 Revival), Billy was replaced with a green cluster of flat-screen monitors called the "It Board".


  • In the early episodes of Season 1 in 1997, he was white rather than Purple.