Cheese States & Jingle Burps
Season 1, Episode 1
Cheese States & Jingle Burps
Air date July 7, 1997
Talent #1 Bites Cheese Into Shapes of States
Talent #2 Burps a Christmas Song
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Dancing Blades & Piano Plays
Cheese States & Jingle Burps is the first episode of season one of Figure It Out. It first aired on July 7, 1997. This is the series premiere.


  • Jonathan Estrada, age 7
  • Jimmy Lam, age 11


  • Phil Moore
  • Alisa Reyes
  • Adam Busch
  • Lori Beth Denberg


Round 1Edit

  • Clues: An old man puts his teeth in a glass of water, cheese, and Charade Brigade mouthing the "Pledge Of Allegiance."
  • Secret Slime Action: The head scratch (Performed by Alisa)
  • Prizes: A Piece from ("Legends Of The Hidden Temple), A Magna Bike and A Trip to Smugglers' Notch in Vermont.

Round 2Edit

  • Clues: Beans, Santa Claus, and Charade Brigade burping.
  • Secret Slime Action: The hand rotation (Performed by no one)
  • Prizes: A Piece from ("Clarissa Explains It All") and A Harvard Basketball Hoop

Trivia Edit

  • Jonathan was the first person in the series to show his secret talent.
  • Alisa is the first Panelist to do the Secret Slime Action.
  • Lori Beth is the First Panelist to solve the Talent.
  • The Grand Prize for Jim was not won.

Watch EpisodeEdit

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