Dancing Blades & Piano Plays
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date July 16, 1997
Talent #1 Makes Shoulder Blades Dance
Talent #2 Plays Piano Lying on Back
Episode Guide
Cheese States & Jingle Burps
Play Song & National Anthem
Dancing Blades & Piano Plays is the second episode of season one of Figure It Out.


  • Chad Flor age 10
  • Claudia Gold age 13


  • Phil Moore
  • Alisa Reyes
  • Adam Busch
  • Lori Beth Denberg


Round 1

  • Clues:Doesn't Use Feet,Use Movements and Doesn't Mow Lawn
  • Secret Slime Action:The Chin Hold

Round 2

  • Clues:Doesn't Use Head and Plays Musical Instrument
  • Secret Slime Action:The Neighbor Touch

YouTube LinkEdit

Full Episode

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