Episode 26
Season 5, Episode 26
Air date July 18, 2012
Talent #1 First Girl Medalist in State Wrestling Match
Talent #2 National Pair Champion of International Dance
Episode Guide
Junior Archer & Rubik's Cube Champ
Power Lifter & Gold Panner

Episode 26 is the twenty-sixth episode of season five of Figure It Out. It first aired July 18, 2012.


  • Megan Black, age 17
  • Michelle, age 11 and Kinsley, age 12



Megan's talent is "first girl medalist in state wrestling match." Secret Slime Action: looking at the IT Board The round begins with Ariana. Ariana was slimed for the Secret Slime Action. Jeff slimed her again because he thought Ariana asked for some more slime.

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