Jeff Sutphen
Full name Jeffrey Sutphen
Nicknames Jeff
Gender Male
Birthday Oct. 15, 1977 (age 35)
Birth place New York City, New York
Occupation Actor, producer, game show host
Known for U-Pick Live
Figure It Out (Seasons 5-6)
Figure It Out
First episode Pogo Stick & Maple Syrup
Last episode Episode 632
Appearances 70
Jeffrey "Jeff" Sutphen is an American actor, producer, and game show host. After graduating from Marist College, Jeff began working for MTV before moving to Nickelodeon to produce U-Pick Live, where he also portrayed a superhero named Pick Boy. After that ended in 2005, he produced My Family's Got GUTS. You might remeber him from hosting the Nickelodeon game show BrainSurge. He is now the host for the show Figure It Out. On Jeff's First Adventures was a television special, cause he was not in the silming buliding in this TV special. On Figure It Out: The Movie, he was in the sliming building of Figure It Out.


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