Pigeons & Rat Tails
Season 1, Episode 40
Show 40
Talent #1 Breeds and Races Homing Pigeons
Talent #2 Growing Rat Tail Since Birth
Episode Guide
Racing Sled Dogs & Bending Fingers
Pumpkin Launchers & Goose Callers
Pigeons & Rat Tails is the fortieth episode of season one of Figure It Out.


  • Amy Conklin
  • Michael Bayer


  • Kevin Kopelow
  • Preslaysa Edwards
  • Danny Tamberelli
  • Lori Beth Denberg


Round 1

  • Clues: Stuffed Dogs, Diced Potatoes, and Charade Brigade feeding pigeons."
  • Secret Slime Action: Saying the Word Llama (Performed by Everybody)

Round 2

  • Clues: Crying Baby, Fertilizer & Sprinkling Cans, and Charade Brigade stepping on a rat's tail."
  • Secret Slime Action: The Overreact (Not Performed)


At the end of this episode, host Summer got slimed herself. She would be slimed again the following season.

YouTube LinkEdit

Full Episode

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