Trampoline & Vacuums
Season 5, Episode 11
Air date June 25, 2012
Talent #1 Twists in Air while Flipping on Trampoline
Talent #2 Names Vacuums with Eyes Closed
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Sled Dogs & Stilt Sno-Cone

Trampoline & Vacuums is the eleventh episode of season five of Figure It Out. It first aired on June 25, 2012.


  • Alyssa Oh
  • Kyle


Game playEdit



Alyssa's talent is "twists in air while flipping on trampoline".

The words on the It Board are "in," "while," and "on."

Round OneEdit

Prize: Skate Hero skates package

Clue: twist ties

The clue comes during James's turn, but they don't figure anything out when the round ends. Alyssa wins the prize.

Round TwoEdit

Prize: Nintendo 3DS system with Mario games

Recap Board

  • It's a talent
  • Doesn't run
  • Nothing to do with garbage
  • What did you do with your clue James?

Secret Slime Action: clapping your hands

Clue: scuba flippers

Jeff explains the secret slime action. The round begins with Logan. James gets the word twists during his turn and the clue comes. James also gets the word flipping. Before the round ends, Carlos gets the word air. Alyssa wins another prize.

Round ThreeEdit

Grand Prize: Trip to Seahaven Beach Resort

Recap Board

  • Involves twisting and flipping
  • no water

Clue: unknown since they figured it out


The round begins with Carlos, but before he can ask a question, Jeff tells them to give a round of applause and Kendall, Carlos, and Logan are slimed for the secret slime action. Rosie wins a Figure It Out triangle messenger bag.

The round starts again with Carlos. Kendall gets trampoline, the last word on the It Board.

Alyssa tells Jeff she had been trampolining for seven years after seeing an expedition at a mall and wanting to try it. Jeff tells the audience that Alyssa was in the Olympic Development Program and she is a national champion. Alyssa then shows them her talent.



Kyle's talent is "names vacuums with eyes closed".

The only word on the it board is "with".

Round OneEdit

Prize: Gift certificate for Skechers shoes

Clue: various glasses Jeff talks about the word of honor. The round begins with Kendall and the clue comes during Logan’s turn, who figures out the word eyes. The round ends and Kyle wins the prize.

Round TwoEdit

Prize: Coleman canoe and duffel bag

Recap Board

  • Nothing to do with sports
  • Doesn't involve somebody elses body
  • Don't wear your glasses at night

Secret Slime Action: thinking in harmony

Clue: name tags


The round begins with James and he gets the word closed. The clue comes during James's second turn and he figures out the word name before the round ends. The word names was also the word of honor, so Kyle gets slimed. Kyle wins another prize.

Round ThreeEdit

Grand Prize: Trip to Seahaven Beach Resort

Recap Board

  • Nothing to do with a parachute
  • Not walking or talking

Clue: a member of Clue Force 3 mimics vacuuming


The round starts with Carlos and all four are slimed for the secret slime action. Abigail wins Figure It Out track jacket.

The clue comes during James's turn and Logan figures out the final word, vacuums.

Kyle tells them he collects vacuums and has 150 of them. His oldest vacuum dates back to 1908 and his favorite is his 1978 Kenmore Magic. He then puts a blindfold on and Jeff, Carlos, and Logan turn on various vacuums, all of which Kyle guesses correctly.


  • Because Big Time Rush felt bad that Alyssa didn't win the grand prize, they gave her tickets to one of their concerts.

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